Frequently asked questions

What is a blockchain wallet?

A blockchain wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to manage different kinds of cryptocurrencies—for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum. A blockchain wallet helps someone exchange funds easily. Transactions are secure, as they are cryptographically signed.

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts is a pact between two parties, in the form of computer code. It uses blockchain technology, and so it is stored on a public database so that it can not be changed. Once the contract matures, the pre-decided terms will automatically carry out.

For example You can write a will or testimony on the smart contract. Your will be then converted to computer code and will enter the blockchain. Remember, you can make modification to the will using your password but no one else can. Once the contract reaches the set time frame, it will automatically distribute your assets without the need of a lawyer. Isn’t this so simple?

Will Immortal AI ever ask for your backup key phrase?

No, the backup key phrase is for you, to get access back to your crypto wallet if you have locked yourself out or lost the original password due to any reason.

Does Immortal AI have access to my wallet keys?

NO! the whole objective of blockchain technology and Immortal AI’s vision is to provide you with a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. This means, only you have access and control over your cryptocurrency wallet key.

What types of currencies and tokens are currently supported?

What are Transaction Fees?

Unlike banks, transfer of cryptocurrency does not have a fixed transaction fee. The whole workload of validation and confirming transactions are done by miners, which are powerful computers that make up a portion of the network. Miners use a lot of computer power and energy to earn a financial award. So, the appropriate fees depend on conditions such as transaction size and network conditions.

What people love about Immortal AI?

Immortal AI is one of the top-rated cryptocurrency wallets with a very user-friendly interface. Now, you can manage your digital assets with ease, over a secure, fast and accurate medium.

What are the benefits of using Immortal AI?

Autonomy: We provide you full control over your digital asset management. When you don’t hire a lawyer, or a broker, you are reducing third party influence over your decision.

Trust: Your documents are encrypted on a shared ledger. You will never lose hold of your documents.

Speed: Humans are slow, machines aren’t. Lawyers take time and so does paper work. Even banks take time while confirming your huge transactions. Save many hours by using our wallet.

Savings: Smart contracts save you money since you don’t need to hire a middle man anymore.

How can you contact us?

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