Better than traditional hand-written documents and faster as not prone to human error.


The rules are predetermined, only you can change the encrypted records with a special key.


Immortal AI provides a “raw” crypto wallet. Unlike an exchange wallet , you keep your keys. And your wallet talks securely to the block chain by the safest available means. Your AI takes care of the eventuality such as if you lose your keys. Unlike any other wallet IMMORTAL AI has a built in recovery system to recover your funds even if you forget your key phrase.


No need for banks and lawyers to validate and verify how your wealth is being distributed.



Cut out the middle man

Do we really need lawyers and banks for transfer of our wealth to the rightful heirs? A will or estate should not get delayed due to a lengthy validation proceeding. Immortal AI ensure time-efficient and secure transfer of digital assets.

Make your Own decisions

Amendments of blockchain wills, estate, or trust documentation is a very easy process on Immortal AI. Estate holders can now elect to alter inheritance choices without any interruption using smart contracts. All you need is your key phrase and you are good to g0

NON-CUStodial crypto wallet

The whole concept of providing a decentralized application is that you should have 100% control over your funds. You will have control over the private key tied to your account. Our App will provide you an interface to interact with funds that are stored on the Blockchain.

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